This weekend I'll be going to a local goth music festival. It's held every year at a local club and this year there's several dance performances, as well as spoken word and performance art in addition to the music; it's a fantastic lineup and I'm looking forward to being there. It's been a few months since I got my goth on. I go to clubs so rarely that I don't have an excuse to pull the good stuff out of the closet; I have some everyday items that scratch that particular itch but not as many as I'd like. As with everything, a work in progress. I started planning out my outfit(s) a couple weeks ago but I haven't been able to add the pieces I would like to have worn. No biggie, I've got several items to choose from.

My summer is quickly slipping away and I haven't pounced on the projects as swiftly as I wanted to. Once I get some bills and school expenses taken care of I think I can go back to the projects that require some money. Meantime I've got writing to do. One piece is coming slowly along; I need it done by August. Guess I better keep at it!
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