( Aug. 18th, 2009 01:12 am)
On Friday night I finished the queer paganism piece and I submitted it to the anthology's editor. I haven't heard back from him but it's only been a few days.

Feeling like I hit my writing stride, I've tried to spend some time in front of my word processing program completing some other projects I have cooking. Today I sat in a coffee shop for almost three hours, fiddling with three paragraphs and getting almost nowhere. Even lime Italian soda didn't help.

Nightfall brought on a burst of creative energy. I baked some tofu complete with shake-n-bake style coating and steamed some fresh green beans, then settled on the couch to watch Dr. G (woo!) and work on one of the tea towels I'm embroidering. Before I had gotten very far, the piece I've been working on to submit to the new edition of Gender Outlaw fell into place in my head. Dropping the embroidery, I began pounding the keys.

Here it is, two hours later, and I have an essay I am genuinely pleased with that just fell into place. That so rarely happens, and I'm very glad it did because I didn't want to push this CFS deadline to the last minute the way I did the queer paganism one. If this essay still looks good tomorrow I'll send it off, with fingers tightly crossed.




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