( Jan. 26th, 2010 09:49 pm)
I sorta forgot about this journal.

I've been writing, but have hit a wall with a current project. There's some problems that I can't quite get around. I need to though, the deadline for it is past. They guy's still willing to accept it, but I can't keep him waiting forever.
( Aug. 28th, 2009 02:56 pm)
Haven't written anything recently. I opened a file today, looked at it long enough to remember what it was, closed it again.

I'm not in a drought stage again (yet) but I need to write something if I want to stay out of it.
( Aug. 20th, 2009 04:20 pm)
The queer paganism piece was sent last Friday. My submission to the revised edition of Gender Outlaws was sent a couple days ago.

It's a good thing I physically check my spam folder because I caught a message that had arrived two days ago. This message, sent 360 days after I last emailed the party in question, said that that anthology publication I submitted to was ready for publication. Great!

What next? I've got a couple or three short articles for a local pagan newsletter that I need to finish, and I'll need to make choice whether I'll write a monologue for an upcoming theatre project. And - though I doubt I'll aim for it - I might have a venue for a short story. I haven't written much fiction, though. Not recently anyway. We'll see.
( Aug. 18th, 2009 01:12 am)
On Friday night I finished the queer paganism piece and I submitted it to the anthology's editor. I haven't heard back from him but it's only been a few days.

Feeling like I hit my writing stride, I've tried to spend some time in front of my word processing program completing some other projects I have cooking. Today I sat in a coffee shop for almost three hours, fiddling with three paragraphs and getting almost nowhere. Even lime Italian soda didn't help.

Nightfall brought on a burst of creative energy. I baked some tofu complete with shake-n-bake style coating and steamed some fresh green beans, then settled on the couch to watch Dr. G (woo!) and work on one of the tea towels I'm embroidering. Before I had gotten very far, the piece I've been working on to submit to the new edition of Gender Outlaw fell into place in my head. Dropping the embroidery, I began pounding the keys.

Here it is, two hours later, and I have an essay I am genuinely pleased with that just fell into place. That so rarely happens, and I'm very glad it did because I didn't want to push this CFS deadline to the last minute the way I did the queer paganism one. If this essay still looks good tomorrow I'll send it off, with fingers tightly crossed.

( Aug. 13th, 2009 07:31 pm)
This will be a journal about my writing. I think.

I have a piece in response to a CFS almost complete. Good thing because the call ends on Saturday. Slowly. working. through. it. I'm worried about the formatting. Brr, it's getting way too late to be fussing with this. This piece is for a book on queer paganism; I've written a ritual for it. Yeah, I'm nervous.

I finished a piece for a pagan devotional that someone I know has been working on for a couple years. It's a relief to have that done and out of the way; I sat on it for quite a while. I'm happy with the results - or I was when I sent it off.

I've got two other pieces I want to think about, but can't find the brain power to devote to them until this particular one is out of the way.

Oh yeah, and the short story for the erotic story contest. Looking forward to getting back to that one. :) Fiction is fun with it involves sex!
Neurasthenia - stresses of urbanization and the pressures placed on the intellectual class by the increasingly competitive business environment

Source: Wikipedia

Yeah. I've got that.
( Jun. 12th, 2009 01:39 pm)
This weekend I'll be going to a local goth music festival. It's held every year at a local club and this year there's several dance performances, as well as spoken word and performance art in addition to the music; it's a fantastic lineup and I'm looking forward to being there. It's been a few months since I got my goth on. I go to clubs so rarely that I don't have an excuse to pull the good stuff out of the closet; I have some everyday items that scratch that particular itch but not as many as I'd like. As with everything, a work in progress. I started planning out my outfit(s) a couple weeks ago but I haven't been able to add the pieces I would like to have worn. No biggie, I've got several items to choose from.

My summer is quickly slipping away and I haven't pounced on the projects as swiftly as I wanted to. Once I get some bills and school expenses taken care of I think I can go back to the projects that require some money. Meantime I've got writing to do. One piece is coming slowly along; I need it done by August. Guess I better keep at it!
I don't know why I thought I needed another account at yet another online time sink. I can't keep up with any of my other accounts so hey, why not? I'm sorta getting the hang of Dreamwidth. I think.

I just discovered shellfish in my freezer. This is inexplicable.




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