( Aug. 13th, 2009 07:31 pm)
This will be a journal about my writing. I think.

I have a piece in response to a CFS almost complete. Good thing because the call ends on Saturday. Slowly. working. through. it. I'm worried about the formatting. Brr, it's getting way too late to be fussing with this. This piece is for a book on queer paganism; I've written a ritual for it. Yeah, I'm nervous.

I finished a piece for a pagan devotional that someone I know has been working on for a couple years. It's a relief to have that done and out of the way; I sat on it for quite a while. I'm happy with the results - or I was when I sent it off.

I've got two other pieces I want to think about, but can't find the brain power to devote to them until this particular one is out of the way.

Oh yeah, and the short story for the erotic story contest. Looking forward to getting back to that one. :) Fiction is fun with it involves sex!



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